Sunday, May 22, 2016

One year older and wiser too??

I don't now how it happened. I'm already 21. Hopefully that doesn't mean I have to start acting like a real adult. I sure don't feel like one. The party will still go on! I'm planning on taking full advantage of being 21 for the next 365 days. This weekend was the warm up and then Kira and I are combining parties and having a fun party later this week!
 Since my birthday was on a sunday this year, Dad took me bowling Saturday night. He completely killed me. I was so grateful that I ditched the Provo plans to spend quality time with my best friend. I don't think Mark will ever realize how much memories of our one on one time really mean to me. After bowling, Mark stayed up until 2 am with me doing a puzzle. He didn't like me so much the next morning but we were both too stubborn to stop until that thing was put together!

My roommates joined me for Sunday dinner with the family. Chloe is getting really sick of me bringing strangers to Sunday dinner! 

  We were determind to be those cute roommates that people see on pinterest....yeah didn't happen. But we sure had fun getting all cheesy for the camera.

Overall I think I like May 22nd because it reminds me how blessed I am. I'm blessed to have such wonderful people that ALWAYS have my back. I'm blessed to be healthy. I've bee able to do so many things over the past 21 years that I know others wish for their whole lives. This past year I've eaten a rattle snake, returned home from serving a mission, run a half-marathon, continued my education at byu, learned how to speak in church without freaking out or preparing, and met life-long friends along the way. If 20 year old Carly Barton can do those things, I can't wait to see what I can accomplish at 21.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Learning from Grandpa

Lately I've become a little obsessed with my grandfather's journals. A book was made of letters my great-grandpa wrote to grandpa while he was on his mission. Then my dad has recently given me more letters and journal entries from good old Willard. I LOVE them. They've made me reflect and think a lot about my personal history and what I'm leaving behind. I've made it a new goal to really get good at writing in a journal. Not just the sugary/sweet stuff. I want people to hear about my fears, my temptations, my struggles, my hilarious roommates and our adventures. I want my kids to know about my heart breaks and when I fail a test. I want them to know me. The real Carly. I've appreciated growing closer to my grandpa as I've read about his fears while he was serving in the navy. I even got to read about how afraid of girls he was. It's magic to be able to see this whole new side of my the grandpa that I grew up knowing and loving. I hope one day my kids even come across this pointless blog. Hopefully I can at least give them a taste of what my world is like.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

That Stupid Pinky Promised..

Right before leaving Arizona, I had two companions force me into a pinky promise. They made me promise that I would take 15 minutes everyday just to sit and make some "me time". I'm not good at that. I like to keep moving. I love to always be on the run.

I'm a nanny this summer.....for four different families. That was on purpose so that I wouldn't have time to sit. I wanted to be on the move all summer...Well last week that worked great! I worked for 12 ish hours at a time, bouncing from one job to the next. (TENDER MERCY) I would go to work all day then a date or hang out with kira at night. When I didn't work in the morning I ran 13 miles with a friend or went ice skating. What could be better? I even had to be a bridesmaid on Saturday so there was literally no time to think.

This week I've been forced to obey that stupid pinky promise. 3 of the families that I nanny have left town and the last family have all come down with the flu. Not very convenient. Between that and breaking up with Morgan, I've had a little more "me time" then I'm used to the past few mornings. I've spent a little more time reading my scriptures, spent more time actually making real meals, reading grandpa's old letters and journals, and washed my hair a little more frequently. I'm learning how to make me time a good thing. Taking this time is hopefully going to boost me in the right direction. If  I'm being honest- All this "me time" just makes me miss my best friend.

As Sue Barton keeps says: "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming"   (To this day I have no idea how to swim)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Losing my mind

Is it running away if I suddenly leave the country and take nothing with me?

I've been researching plane tickets and humanitarian groups all week long. I'm completely exhausted. I'm tired of not knowing where I'm going. I'm tired of feeling like I'm running in circles with no purpose. I want to be a part of something bigger and better. I'm aching for an adventure that will send me to some foreign place where I have some sense of being needed. I miss that feeling so much. There's got to be some township or some random village that nobody has ever heard of that is calling my name. I'm pretty determined to find it and get my butt over there. I may or may not have to sell a  kidney and my first born child first. It's going to happen though.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tender Mercy

Ever since being home from my mission, I've been obsessed with Family History. I think the biggest reason is because it's boosted my temple experiences up like I could never imagine. I've had so many spiritual experiences and tender mercies from taking family names. The temple is my happy place. It's the place where I feel most like a missionary again. Today was one of those tender mercies. I not only got to feel a sweet connection with those whose work was being done, I also got a few new elderly friends that helped me do my handful of names that I had brought in that day. Two women in particular- The first was a recent convert that was so excited to do some of my names and tell me her conversion story and testimony of missionaries. The second- A very old woman who was working at the temple this morning. We shared a moment that I will cherish for a very long time. That woman will never understand the impact she had on me today. 

I love days like these with the little tender mercies. I love family history work. I love the temple. They remind me that I can and always will be a missionary. They give me a little glimpse of what's in store for my future. They remind me that I have so much to look forward to.

Falling from the tree of life

Today started out great and ended even better. You know the feeling of free falling? I liked it when I went skydiving. Falling out of a really tall tree due to a broken hammock is not as fun but way way funnier. Tonight was one for the books.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


This week has been too good to be true. I am currently nannying for two different families. I get off work everyday at 6. Immediately after getting home I have somehow always had somewhere to go. Between temple trips, spontaneous road trips to Logan, fancy dinner dates with Morgan, bridal showers, and Real Salt Lake Games, I've been keeping pretty busy.

All this business left me with no time or energy to prepare for my very first half marathon. Running a marathon has always been one of those things on my bucket list that I have been too scared to ever actually commit to. Morgan saw it on my list and jumped right on it. Within a few weeks he talked me into signing up for the Tulip Festival Half Marathon. It was 2 hours of a very emotional roller coaster that I did not see coming. I was warned that running would be more mental than physical. I was not prepared for that though. I had run up to 11 by myself before but this was a whole new ball game that ended up teaching me a lot about myself.

At times I found myself getting all hyper an excited, by the next bend I would be annoyed that another person had passed me, next I would be embarrassed that I was slowing Morgan down or that I was struggling to get up yet another hill, suddenly I would be all sad, then it was back to happy, repeat. It was 2 hours and 13 minutes of feeling every emotion on the spectrum. I am grateful that I did it though. I'm grateful for my cheerleaders at the finish line. I'm even more grateful for the cheerleader that ran the race with me and put up with my swearing and sass all along the way. It was the first of many. We'll see how many more half marathons it takes before I get brave and do a full...

Basically this summer is off to the greatest start and I'm truly learning to embrace every second and dance along the way!

We knew Kalli was stressed about finals. We decided to bolt (literally) to Logan for the night. Her reaction was priceless! Everyone loves a spontaneous adventure. Especially when these girls are involved. Between Kira's DJ skills and my driving techniques, there was nothing stopping us.

My cheer squad!