Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Camp

I love summer time. Snowcones, sunshine, boating, no homework. Who doesn't love that? The best part of the summer is always the week that I get to spend as a councilor at a kids summer camp. This camp is special to my heart for a million reasons. I love being able to take a week to escape the world of responsibility to help make 124 kids feel special. One of my biggest weaknesses is I get attached to people pretty quickly. My cabin of 6 year olds was no different.

It's a week of 100+ screaming children in a cafeteria three times a day, trying to write down all of their hilarious quotes, spelling things like "boys rule" with your booty as you try to enjoy your corndog, multiple applications of princess band-aids and sunscreen, cabin skits, finding love notes in your backpack, field games, zip-lining, side hugs, water balloon fights, sugar comas, archery, constant dehydration, a trip to the ER (oops), ENDLESS giggling, a plethora of crafts, rain storms and blistering sun, showering at 3 am, nightly campfire songs, med calls, rushing kids to the bathroom before it's too late, and various bedtime stories. My week of being part of the beautiful backyard bunny cabin was just the therapy I needed. 

I love feeling like a part of something. I love those seven crazy 6 year olds. When I got back from the ER, they were terrified that I was going to leave again. Hazel (my best buddy) didn't let go of me the whole rest of the week. These kids have been through to much. I feel blessed to have been able help them see how special they are. They sure are special to me. 

These were my awesome team that helped us through the week! 

Jordyn gave everyone in the cabin 2 jell bracelets. When I got back from the hospital, she told me I was lucky I was wearing them because they are magic so they make people better again. Thank goodness I had them! 

I have a hundred pictures of tiny humans that I want to insert here.....I wish I could share their smiling faces with you. Just trust me when I say. These girls are freakin' adorable. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Trouble Comes in Threes

Today is finally my day off. I have one day to rest until I'm off to summer camp. Naturally, I'm spending the day buying bug spray, going on a long run, and blogging. I am currently working about 10 hour a day. It's kicking my butt! It's a good thing by job is usually a good time. My roommates used to joke around and say that trouble comes in threes. My current occupation is even more evidence that their statement is true.

The boys have good and bad days. They are quickly becoming my best friends. They had more good then bad days last week which means we got to go to the pool on Monday! I tried to get them all to sit on the bed thingy for a picture. I had them all set up for a cute picutre, then they would bail right when the camera had 2 seconds left. Hilarious right? -___- Kids these days.

When one brother is at a friends house and the other one is inside sick, Oliver and I have bake sales. I have a feeling this is the first of many sales this summer. I've never seen someone so stoked to make a whooping $3.25 in 5 hours

It's always a good time when Megan comes to visit. My friend, Billy, told me this picture shows that we were meant to be clothing models. Somehow he decided that this picture shows that I need to go cowgirl boot shopping with him when I finally get back to Tucson. I can't wait!
Shortly after moving back to St. George, Megan started dating Garrison. He is a Wombats fan so we used the concert as an excuse to go on a group date and meet Megan's new St. George homies.. I knew 0% of the lyrics but that didn't stop the dance moves from coming out 100%.

(While I'm thinking about 3s. Shout out to Vince, Chris, and Matt. They will for sure never actually see this but that tri have really had my back and  made the past couple weeks so much fun.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mama Bear

One of the biggest perks of coming to Provo is a get to see my mom way more than when I was in Logan. I get to text or call her every day but now we probably see each other about once or twice a week. I think I start every conversation with "Mom, I have a questions." or "Mom, how do I fix this." She's my therapist, role model, date doctor, tutor, pharmacist, and my number one go to. Nothing will ever come close to how grateful I am to get Sue as a mama. I hope some day I am half of what she is. She's taught me everything I know. I hate the fact that she is always right. One day, maybe I'll try always taking her advice and then I won't roll my eyes as much when she is right, yet again.

I will probably never give her access to my blog but I hope I will be able to find away to let that woman know that my life would suck without her.