Sunday, August 28, 2016

When I'm with YOU!

I go a little crazy sometimes
Can you believe it?
Yeah, I swear I'm fine, that I'm alright
When I'm barely breathing
Thought I could find my way back home,but I get lost alone
But when I'm with you I'm no longer wandering

And when I'm with you, I swear I can breathe
When I'm with you, I know who I am and who I want to be

-Ben Rector

It's no secret that I'm 100% obsessed with Tucson, Arizona and Silver City, New Mexico. If you met some of my friends you would understand why. After three days of driving around like a crazy lady, I am completely exhausted yet, three days was not enough! 

Ben Rector summed up all the feels for the weekend perfectly. When I'm with you, I'm who I want to be. I made a lot of mistakes on the trip like mixing up the dates for the temple and almost getting us lost in the desert with no gas but.....I wouldn't have traded anything. 

This trip made me cry twice. The first was while my mom was asleep in the passangers seat as the Welcome to New Mexico sign came into view. I couldn't hold in how overwhelming it felt to be back. The second was the plane ride home. I was pulling up old pictures from my mission on my ipad and the new ones from the trip on my phone. Comparing the mission and post mission pictures was weird. I realized that the reason I love my misson so much is because it allowed me to figure out who I want to be. That's the magic thing about missions. You get to start over every 6 weeks or so with a new companion or a new area. Nobody knows you which means you can be whoever you want to be. When I'm with these people, I'm who I want to be and they are good at reminding me that they love me for it.

 Diana! She too crazy but I love her!

Christine was one of many miracles in New Mexico. We could barely keep up with her. She basically taught herself and gave us the credit. 
 My wonderful Lantz Family! Avery is getting baptized in two weeks!!!!!
 My Silver city ysa peeps! Ramon is receiving the melchizedek Priesthood today. I couldn't be more proud. When we started teaching him he was really dark and sad. He literally is glowing these days! 
 BILLY! I get texts about every other day from this man reminding me to have faith and be strong. He loves spoiling the sister missionaries. When he heard I was coming to Tucson he asked if he could take me boot shopping. I guess I always wanted to be a cowgirl! 

 We did get to visit the Priest family but I didn't get a picture this trip. 
Dinner with the Webbs! I wish I could find the one from my mission! It's hanging on their kitchen fridge :) I was describing Sister Webb as super mom to my mom then I paused and realized my mom and Sister Webb are practically twins. I don't know how they do it.

 Brother Griswold is the ward mission leader in Silver City. These people sure are sassy but they keep me in line and they really have my back.

Jicell! I could write a novel about what this girl has taught me. I think is the biggest one is that it's always best to be still and remember to have faith even in the stormy times. She calls herself a "Kool aid Mormon". All you have to do is add water ;)
Sandy is the reason this whole weekend happened. One picture is about a week before she was baptized and the day before I left the area. The other picture was this weekend when she was able to receive her endowment and was sealed to her late husband. I was blessed to be able to watch Sandy come closer to her Savior then and now. She is one that has taught me what an eternal perspective can empower you to accomplish.

Cassandra and Rudy. Will someone baptized these people already? Sister Dominguez and I spent countless hours answering their questions and baring our testimonies. I have no doubt that they know the church is true. I secretly have been praying that my next visit is for their baptisms. For now, I'll just hold their baby and love them to death.
 Stake President's family in Silver City. These people know all about creating a home that really has the spirit. I will forever treasure Sister Porter's cooking lessons and example. She runs a home 100% centered around missionary work.

 The Van Scoyk family! The oh so wise ones. They are all about helping me figure out a career and life plan. They tried to talk careers with me on my first day of the mission...I was just trying to figure out how to recite the first vision. They are the ones that really watched me learn how to teach as a missionary. Plus they gave me a few rides while I was in a bike area.
This is Minnie. I met her in my first area. She quickly became my little sister. We wrote my whole mission. I can't wait to write her while she is on hers. 3 years in counting until this girl turns 19!

Everyone that I met in my 18 months of service taught me something. Nobody comes close to teaching me more than the Passey's. I was called to their mission, not the Arizona, Tucson Mission. I needed them. They taught me how important it is to let the gospel be part of everything I do. They taught me how important it is to rely on my Savior. Through their example I learned who Carly Barton can be.
 Then there is Mama Sue. This woman is my rock. We did A LOT of driving this week which means I got to have a lot of chats. As people gave me advice this weekend, I would be thinking in my head...hmmmm Mom gave me that exact same advice at 1 in the morning as we were driving to our hotel last night. I had people taking care of me my whole mission but nobody was there for me like my mom was. I felt her prayers every second. I'm so glad I got to trek her across Arizona with my best friend. I know she had a lot going on at home. She sacrificed a lot to ditch the rest of the family for a few days. I couldn't be more grateful for her and all she does. She's my missionary.