Saturday, January 7, 2017

Frozen Solid

What happened to me?!?! I used to run nonstop. I loved it last winter semester. Matt somehow got me to wake up early on a Saturday morning and put on layer after layer to do my favorite run- the Utah lake train. 

The amount of layers I thought this run would require was a little too much. I've officially learned that wearing 15 pounds worth of clothes would mean 15 pounds to carry through the trail! Next time, I'm leaving some layers at home. 

Running again felt amazing. I had forgotten why I love running so much. As soon as the run was over  that satisfied feeling came back. Look out Provo! I'm hitting the streets again for round 2.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Girl

New Girl. It's entirely inappropriate and takes way too much of my time. Kira introduced me to this TV series right before the break. New Girl is about a girl and her three roommates. After hanging out with Matt, Chris, and Vince this weekend I realized I've got three of the exact same homies.

Winston= Chris (the softy that is way too nice for his own good)
Nick= Matt (Kind of the leader of the pack that loves to argue)
Schmidt= Vince (the one that is way too confident that every girl will fall in love with him)

My new years did not go how I pictured it. Does it ever? 
I spent the night with these goofs as the wing woman. Vince would pick a cute girl and it was my job to be her friend then introduce her to Vince. I think he got at least 4 numbers out of it. Meanwhile Matt and Chris played a charades game on Chirs' phone. Oh to be a crazy college kid! (eye roll emoji)

I really am pretty lucky to have these homies. I don't hang out with them nearly often enough.