Thursday, March 30, 2017

#8 Donate Blood (Check)

I did it! A liter of Carly's blood is off to some other humans body somewhere! I"ll be honest, I was a hot mess walking into the Red Cross Blood Bank but Kyle wouldn't let me turn around.

I even ended up doing everything on my own while Kyle was answering questions about his trips around the world. He was furious that he missed it but I got through the questions, needle, draining, and bandaging all by myself! WHAOOOO! This officially means that I'm safe to attempt to be a nurse. That's at least what I'm planning on repeating to myself during my next 3 years of excruciating schooling. Look out world! Carly is coming through!

This may seem like a dumb fear but it's been a real one for quit some time. I feel pretty proud of myself for getting through and being brave. 

Friday, March 17, 2017


My sister nanny's for a woman who created a "Live List" for herself. It's basically a bucket list that will never end. As soon as you cross something off the list you put something new in it's place. There is always 15 things on the list. I've decided I have a lot that I want to accomplish. I struggle with taking a break from the "must do's". Most of the things on the list will take a while to accomplish. That's the point of a bucket list, right? I believe that goals define who you want to become. My live list is a small piece of the person I want to become.

  • 1. Fly a plane.
  • 2. Get on TV
  • 3. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  • 4. Get married in the temple.
  • 5. Go to Nursing School
  • 6. Run A Marathon or Ragnar...or both
  • 7. Get to Europe
  • 8. Donate Blood
  • 9. Go on a trip with 100% no planning not even the destination. 
  • 10. Learn how to make cinnamon orange rolls that are half as good as my moms.
  • 11. Get a 4.0 in at least one semester at BYU.
  • 12. Spend a whole day hiking/rock climbing/hammocking in the mountains.
  • 13. Jump into a pool fully clothed! 
  • 14. Learn how to sail. 
  • 15. Swim with Sharks

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Here Comes the Bride.

Words can't explain what it was like to be back with my girls again. I'll admit. I was exhausted and it was a little rough to be with the married folks all day but it's was incredible to watch Kalli glow the entire day. She's beautiful inside and out. Kalli is the most loyal friend I've ever had. I miss being her roommate, sleeping in her bed more than my own, the letters she would write me as a missionary. I don't think Kalli ever missed a week of emailing. This girl is one of my biggest blessings and favorite superheros. I love you Kalli. Congrats. 

This is the Utah State Crew. We killed it on the dance floor once again. We have one more still on a mission and then we can finally open the time capsule from 2014.