Thursday, March 30, 2017

#8 Donate Blood (Check)

I did it! A liter of Carly's blood is off to some other humans body somewhere! I"ll be honest, I was a hot mess walking into the Red Cross Blood Bank but Kyle wouldn't let me turn around.

I even ended up doing everything on my own while Kyle was answering questions about his trips around the world. He was furious that he missed it but I got through the questions, needle, draining, and bandaging all by myself! WHAOOOO! This officially means that I'm safe to attempt to be a nurse. That's at least what I'm planning on repeating to myself during my next 3 years of excruciating schooling. Look out world! Carly is coming through!

This may seem like a dumb fear but it's been a real one for quit some time. I feel pretty proud of myself for getting through and being brave. 

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