Sunday, March 12, 2017

Here Comes the Bride.

Words can't explain what it was like to be back with my girls again. I'll admit. I was exhausted and it was a little rough to be with the married folks all day but it's was incredible to watch Kalli glow the entire day. She's beautiful inside and out. Kalli is the most loyal friend I've ever had. I miss being her roommate, sleeping in her bed more than my own, the letters she would write me as a missionary. I don't think Kalli ever missed a week of emailing. This girl is one of my biggest blessings and favorite superheros. I love you Kalli. Congrats. 

This is the Utah State Crew. We killed it on the dance floor once again. We have one more still on a mission and then we can finally open the time capsule from 2014.

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