Thursday, May 25, 2017


Growing up, I've always felt the closest to Mary. Probably because she stuck around the longest to play barbies with me. We used to do everything together. We would play house for hours and hours when we were little. We would pretend have 14 kids each just so we could use all of our baby dolls. I loved playing with her. She was my best friend.

This week I get to step into Mary's world at BYU Hawaii. I've been in vacation mode so I've gotten the sugar coated experience but it has been a dream. Her roommates are hilarious and so good at being themselves no matter what. Even though almost all of Mary's friends have either flashed me or mooned me, I've loved getting to know them.

While Mary is at school or work, I'll usually go for a run on the beach, do a session at the temple, or just lay on the beach/her backyard. 

We've paddle boarded, surfed, hiked, cliff jumped, swam, played, laughed and it's only day 4! Oh how I've loved this crazy vacation with my main gal, Mary. It's made me regret that I haven't gotten to spend more time with her since being home from my mission. She is way more of a missionary now than I ever will be or have been. She's just about the coolest person I know. I love you Mary. 

Oh....we can check swimming with sharks off the list :)