Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Butterfly Mermaids

I wish I could post all of my camp pictures and show you guys how good I had it this week. Every summer since I was 16, I've gotten to volunteer at a cancer camp. It's actually a really hard job. It's the best though.

My job was being the mother hen of the 6-7 year old girls this year. Our cabin name was the butterfly mermaids. Those eight girls sure liked keeping busy. I was completely exhausted every night. I loved it. We did swimming, field games, so many arts and crafts (the girls made me lots of cactus pictures :) ), laughed our way down ropes courses, archery, etc, etc! Those six year olds really gave me a run for my money.

On the last morning of camp I woke up to a tiny little moan in the corner. I tried to ignore it and figured it was just one of the typical morning groans. I figured it would go away in a little bit. Then sweet little Presley comes out of her bed and announces she's going to throw up. I've never thrown out of bed so fast in my whole life. Right when we got her outside, she came unglued. We ran her to the nurses station as fast as I could. I got to spend the whole morning taking care of sick Presley. It was magic. As she was drawing me a picture and laughing at the tattoos she had just put on my face, I had the impression that this is exactly what I want to do as a career. There is nothing that I can see as more important as a career than taking care of sweet kids like her. She told me all about my favorite nurses and her stay in the hospital. Guys it was pure magic. Oh how I love my week of being the mother hen of 6 year old cancer patients. Next week is dedicated to the 13 year olds. Wish me luck.